One of North America’s most comprehensive offerings of wood pole maintenance preservatives and supplies. With 35 plus years of technical experience, Poles, Inc. has put together an industry leading, one stop, supply chain of wood pole fumigants, wood preservative pastes, pole bandages, treated wood plugs, pole identification tags, copper naphthenate, and borate rods for use in pole maintenance programs. More importantly, our experience has helped many utilities design reasonable, economical, and effective utility pole maintenance programs. Whether you are managing in-service wood utility poles or wood telephone poles, we are always available to help you design a program.

Our wood pole test and treat contractors are truly some of North Americas finest. Our customers perform utility pole and telephone pole inspections using highly qualified personnel. Some of our contractor customers are large national utility contractors that are capable of performing very large pole inspections. Others are smaller, regional businesses that take a hands-on approach to your utility pole asset management program. We would be happy to provide you with contractor names in your area.

Poles, Inc. supplies products such as: Cu-Bor, Cu-Bor Wood Preservative Paste, G Fume 96, Super -Fume, Tenino, Tenino Copper Naphthenate, Copper Naphthenate Concentrate, Q Nap, Cu Nap, RePlug, MP400, MITC-FUME, UltraFume, Cobra Rods, Impel Rods, BOR 8 RODS, Jecta and Bora-Care.

Poles, Inc. is also a leading supplier of Copper Naphthenate wood preservative solutions for all  non-pressure wood preservative applications such as fence post dip treatment, wood military box, end-cut and bolt-hole applications. Our Tenino offering meets AWPA M-4 and P-8. Please call us with your questions about fence post wood preservatives.

FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES:  Poles, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to supply international customers.  Please contact us direct at 719-685-0333 or by e-mailing with questions or to place your international order.