Paper 24" x 100' (1 Pallet/56 Rolls per Pallet)

Paper 24" x 100' (1 Pallet/56 Rolls per Pallet)

Product no.: 023-KP5008
Delivery weight: 460 lb

24" x 100' Paper. 56 Rolls per Pallet. 3" core. Also available in 22" width. Polyethylene backed kraft paper is wrapped around the treatment zone after a preservative paste has been applied. The plastic backed paper works as a barrier to the surrounding soil and in effect forces the preservative to diffuse into the pole. 22” width is available for 18” excavations and 24” wide paper accommodates a 20” excavation leaving a 4" strip above ground. Call for Pallet Quantity Shipping Rates, 719-685-0333.

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