Poles, Inc.® is North America’s most comprehensive supplier of wood preservative and inspection supplies to the wood pole inspection industry.  We also supply to the non-pressure, ground contact wood preservative, market that includes fence post manufactures.  Our product line is professionally supported by 40 plus years of technical experience that is followed up with a superior customer service department. Poles, Inc.® has an industry leading, one stop, supply chain of US EPA and PMRA registered wood pole fumigants, wood preservative pastes, pole bandagestreated wood plugs, pole identification tags, copper naphthenate, and borate rods for use in wood pole maintenance programs or as dip and brush on wood preservative treatments.


The experience of Poles, Inc.® has helped many utility companies design reasonable, economical, and effective utility pole maintenance programs that are often referred to as test and treat. Whether you are managing in-service wood utility poles or wood telephone poles, we are always available to help you design a program. Our inspection and treatment supplies are available for a variety of wood pole maintenance programs including; visual inspection, non-destructive evaluation, sound and bore, partial excavation, full excavation, intrusive inspection, as well as steel truss materials for pole reinforcement.


The contractor’s that we supply with wood pole test and treat supplies and wood preservatives are North America’s finest providers of utility pole inspection and telephone pole inspection. Many have decade’s worth of experience and pride themselves on hiring highly qualified inspectors and personnel. Some of our contractor customers are large national utility contractors that are capable of performing very large pole inspections. Others are smaller, regional businesses, which take a hands-on approach to your utility pole asset management program. We would be happy to provide you with contractor names in your geographical area.


For complete details about our ground contact copper naphthenate solutions and wood preservative for fence posts, please go to


Poles, Inc.® supplies, for intrusive wood pole inspection programs, wood preservative products such as: WP101-PRO®, Cu-Bor, Cu-Bor Wood Preservative Paste, G Fume 96, Super-FumeTenino, Tenino Copper NaphthenateCopper Naphthenate Concentrate, QNap, Cu-Nap, RePlug, MITC-FUME, UltraFume, Cobra RodsImpel Rods, BOR 8 RODS, Jecta  from Nisus Corporation, Pole Wrap CB, Osmose MP500-EXT, Genics CuB 20 and Bora-Care.  A full line of specialty tools such as Razorback digging shovels, shell thickness indicators, decay chippers, and check scrapers are also available.


Poles, Inc.® also offers North America’s best selection of treated wood plugs and plastic removable plugs for use in wood pole maintenance programs or in-service utility line repair.  Go to for detailed pole plug information.


Pole tags available from Poles, Inc.® includeinspection tags, oval inspected tags, round inspected tags, date nails, dated inspection tags, red or yellow reject tags, pole to be reinforced tags, product tags, G Fume tags, L Fume tagsFUME tags, Boron Rod tags, etc.


For general wood preservation, Poles, Inc.® is a leading supplier of Copper Naphthenate wood preservative solutions for all ground contact, non-pressure, wood preservative applications such as fence post dip treatment, wood military boxend-cut, and bolt-hole treatment applications. Our Tenino wood preservative offering meets AWPA M-4 and P-8.   Our web site has more detail about these offerings.


FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES:  Poles, Inc.® welcomes the opportunity to supply international customers.  Please contact us direct at 719-685-0333 or by e-mailing with questions or to place your international order.


SPECIAL NOTES:  Products that claim to be Wood Preservative, must have a US EPA or Canadian PMRA approved label in order to be legally sold. 

All of our wood preservatives have US EPA labels, but not necessarily a PMRA label.  Please check with us before ordering wood preservatives in Canada so that we can verify current PMRA label status.  Also, be aware that many on-line vendors that claim “wood preservative” in their marketing write-up.  Many of them are not actually registered wood preservatives and it is illegal to sell or buy them as such.  Poles, Inc.®  sells only real, labeled, legal wood preservatives. 

All wood preservatives must also have a state pesticide product registration from the state that the wood preservative is being shipped to.  Poles, Inc.® will always verify state registration before shipping a wood preservative to your state.  If a state registration is not in place, for the product that you have ordered, we will contact you with your options.  Many times, a similar product that does have a registration in your state is available.