Pole tags should always be applied to the pole using an aluminum nail that has a twisted shank. The special shank design prevents the nail from working out and becoming loose. Poles, Inc.® offers aluminum nails with and without a date stamp on the head. Aluminum is specified for tags and nails because it will not corrode or rust, and is very long lasting. Pole tags that were installed using aluminum nails over 50 years ago can still be found in-service today.

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Nails NO DATE Aluminum (Bag of 500)

Product no.: TG3038

$25.00 *
Delivery weight: 2 lb

Nails NO DATE Aluminum (1 Gallon Pail/2,700 Nails)

Product no.: TG3037

$108.00 *
Delivery weight: 8 lb

Nails CURRENT YEAR Aluminum (Bag of 500 Date Nails)

Product no.: TG3036

$40.00 *
Delivery weight: 2 lb

Nails CURRENT YEAR Aluminum (1 Gallon Pail/2,700 Date Nails)

Product no.: TG3035

$216.00 *
Delivery weight: 8 lb