Copper Naphthenate 5W, 5% (45% by Volume)

Copper Naphthenate 5W, 5% (45% by Volume)

QNAP™ 5W, 5% copper as metal (45% by Volume) US EPA # 64405-15.   In addition to our lineup of oil based Copper Naphthenate solutions, Poles, Inc. offers a water based concentrate of Copper NaphthenateQNAP 5W is available in 5 gallon jugs for use in applications that require a water based solution.  Click here to view QNAP 5W SDS and EPA label. While QNAP 5W is registered as a ground contact wood preservative, it will not yield the same superior performance that our oil based preservatives does.  Using water as a diluent, instead of oil, does have some advantages.  Please contact Randy Gross at 719-685-0444 with questions about the pros and cons of any of our Copper Naphthenate solutions.  QNAP 5W is widely used as a wood roof treatment because of its superior qualities at preventing moss growth. Click here to read roof treatment pdf.  5W can be used to treat wood such as; posts, poles, landscape timbers, fences, siding, bridges, docks, peers, boats, piling and government boxes QNap 5W does meet AWPA standard P36 for the U1 and T1 categories.

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Copper Naphthenate, Water Based, 5% Concentrate (5 Gallon Jug)

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