S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug™ BLACK 9/16" (1 Gallon Pail/300 Plastic Plugs)

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S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug™  BLACK 9/16" (1 Gallon Pail/300 Plastic Plugs). S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug™  9/16” size for use with 9/16” or 1/2” drill bits. The S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug is designed to Start, Seal, Remove, and Reuse. These features make the S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug™ the best design and choice for use on your utility poles. The S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug is manufactured in the United States by an ISO 9001:2008 plant that uses high quality HDPE plastic. Accurate and snug fit using three plug sizes that work to fill six different hole sizes. Torx® head design is strong and reliable. T 55 and T 60 removal tool options available from Poles, Inc.® or your local hardware store. Available in Yellow or Black.

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