Drill Bit 13/16" x 18" Auger, Moly Coated

Product no.: T2085
Delivery weight: 1 lb

Drill Bit 13/16" x 18" Auger, Moly Coated. Some pole inspectors prefer our Auger style inspection bit for use on sound and bore inspections. Auger style bits remove the wood as they work so that the inspector does not have to reverse or pull out the drill as it works. Moly Coating improves bit performance and life cycle. Generally the bit size should be 1/16” smaller than the plug that will be used. 13/16” and 7/8” bits are often used when performing fumigant treatments while 9/16” is used when installing borate rods. Please contact Poles, Inc. with specific questions about bit and plug size.

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