MP500-EXT Preservative Paste (4 Gallon Box)

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MP500-EXT Preservative Paste 42 lb. box. Each box contains 2, 2 gallon bags that are packed in a durable, weatherproof box. Box packaging offers storage and container disposal advantages. External wood preservative paste is applied by brush to the ground-line zone of standing utility poles to extend the service-life of wood poles. A newer entry to the field of exterior wood pole treatment, MP500 contains 2 well known active ingredients. MP 500 is produced by one of North Americas leading wood preservative manufacturers, and is listed in many specifications. MP500 contains diffusible borates as well as copper as the main active ingredients. Nearly 80% of a wood poles strength is derived from the outer shell of wood at the ground-line so preventing this area from decaying “rotting” is of great economic and safety importance. Always read and follow EPA label directions. - Call for Pallet Quantity Pricing, 719-685-0333

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